Cannabis Self Assessment

This questionnaire will help you assess your cannabis use and its impact on your life. The assessment has 16 questions. Once you've answered the questions, please add up your score. Depending on your score, you can see what the recommendations are for you and your cannabis use.

How often do you smoke cannabis?

How much money do you spend on cannabis in an average week?

How often are you stoned?

When you smoke a joint, do you light up a second time to get extra stoned?

Do you ever smoke cannabis in combination with other substances?

i.e. alcohol / cocaine / ecstacy etc, (ignore tobacco for this)

What times do you usually smoke cannabis?

What are the 3 most important reasons why you use cannabis?

When you smoke cannabis, who do you usually smoke with?

Could you stop smoking cannabis whenever you want?

How often have you thought in the past year, ‘I should cut down or stop’

In the past year, how often has your cannabis use affected your performance at work / studies?

Do you sometimes put off doing things because you are stoned?

Have you ever felt annoyed because you couldn't smoke cannabis when you wanted to?

How often in the past year have you felt worried about your cannabis use?

Do you ever have trouble remembering what you have said or done?

Has a friend or colleague who also smokes cannabis, ever told you that you should cut down on your use?


What type of cannabis
are you using?

Good quality resin is generally difficult to find, and poor quality hash/solid/soapbar is now not as popular. This is usually cheaper, but harsher on the lungs due to higher tar levels and adulterants that are sometimes added...

What type of cannabis
are you using?

Strong hybridised bud is far more common and is often referred to as weed/grass. This cannabis is often more expensive, stronger in terms of potency (high THC levels) and at times can leave users feeling paranoid and anxious.

What quantity of
cannabis do you buy?

Cannabis is sometimes sold by weight- quarter ounce, half ounce, but the massive change in grass availability means it is more likely to be sold per gram now. How long does a gram last you? How many joints can you get out of this about three.. Could you get four or five? Can you make a gram last two days instead of just one?

Do you use tobacco too?

It is common to mix joints with tobacco, this affects the way a joint burns, but then leads to two substances being used and may create a double dependency. Mixing cannabis with tobacco is the most harmful method of using cannabis...

Do you use tobacco too?

If you are smoking a large amount of cannabis, could your craving be for nicotine? If you are worried about stopping smoking there are nicotine replacement therapies available.

Reducing the Harm

Try using plain, undyed card for roach material. Don’t hold the smoke in lungs too long, these deep inhalations can cause lung problems. Are you spending all day being stoned, or are you smoking all day but no longer getting stoned – think about cutting down...

Reducing the Harm

Think about why you are using. Find other methods of using cannabis – there are advantages & disadvantages in other methods too. Identify your triggers – and change your routine.

How do you feel when you have none?

People, who have been using a lot of cannabis for a long time, can sometimes experience withdrawal symptoms when they don’t have any cannabis. Generally symptoms usually start on the first day of not using, peak two to three days later, and the worst hopefully should be over by around two weeks, however a good sleep pattern may take longer.

How do you feel when you have none?

Feelings of anxiety, agitation, anger & irritability are often common. Insomnia, headaches, vivid dreams, loss of appetite and sweats, can be experienced too – Keep going - this is the body’s response to detoxing from cannabis and a positive sign of recovery...

How do you feel when you have none?

There is no treatment for cannabis withdrawal, but behavioural goal settings activities may help - contact your local drug service for advice on how to start making plans. If you continue to feel anxious or depressed after a few weeks, you may want to think about speaking to your GP.

Trouble Sleeping?

Avoid caffeine/ stimulants before bedtime, also avoid gaming. Have you tried reading – even a magazine? Try relaxation techniques. Try getting up at the same time, set an alarm and avoid sleeping through the day.

Managing Withdrawal?

Remove all cannabis paraphernalia from the house to remove temptation. Try to get a decent sleep and think about trying to eat small, regular meals. Find someone supportive that you can speak to, avoid friends who are likely to be using cannabis around you...

Weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of stopping cannabis, make sure you are fully committed to doing this for you!