West Lothian Drug and Alcohol Service delivers general and specialist training on a variety of drug, alcohol and tobacco related topics for a wide range of groups and agencies.

Our experienced trainers use different approaches to suit the needs of the learners and will tailor the event / session accordingly.

We have experience in delivering training and education for:

  • Health Care Professionalsprevention_1
  • Social Work Staff
  • Criminal Justice Teams
  • Youth and Community Workers
  • Teaching Staff
  • User Groups
  • Community Groups
  • School Pupils




We hold monthly student days to raise the profile of substance misuse as part of ongoing professional training and development.

We will also give assistance with student projects and assignments and take students on work placement from a variety of courses.

For further information contact kathleen.mathieson@wldas.org


We offer induction training for employers regarding alcohol, drug and tobacco use. Advice on the development and implementation of workplace substance polices, Employer & Employee advice, Counselling and Support are also available.

Alcohol Brief Intervention Training

We are the local providers of Alcohol Brief Intervention training.

Together with our partners in NHS Lothian, we regularly run multi disciplinary training days for professionals and volunteers who have identified that they have a crucial role to play in influencing attitudes and drinking behavior.


Young People

We deliver a comprehensive package of tobacco education for Primary 6 and Primary 7 pupils in local schools. We are also involved with the schools in an ongoing Smoke Free Homes and Zones project.

WLDAS provides youth clubs, uniformed organisations and support projects with substance education.

Health Promotion Days

WLDAS is happy to be involved in health fairs.