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You have saved


since you stopped smoking!

...did you know that's the equivalent of ?

If you saved the money you're spending on cigarettes instead, after a year you would save ! That's enough to go on holiday...



It has been

2 days

since you stopped smoking!

8 hours after quitting Nicotine will have left your body.
24 hours after quitting the Carbon Monoxide from cigarettes will have left your body
72 hours after quitting your breathing should become easier, your bronchial tubes will begin to relax and your energy levels will increase.
1 Month after quitting your skin appearance will improve due to improved blood flow to the skin.
3 - 9 months after quitting cough, wheezing and breathing problems will improve and your lung function will increase by up to 10%.
1 Year after quitting your risk of having a heart attack will fall to hald that of a smoker.
10 Years after quitting your risk of having lung cancer falls to about hald that of a smoker
15 years after quitting your risk of having a heart attack wull be the same as someone who has never smoked.

The Facts

Your skin will wrinkle quicker, and you will need to buy expensive face cream……..but you won’t have any money!!!

Your expensive acrylic nails will become stained from the tar……..even yours boys!!!

Your nice white teeth will stain and go yellow…..and you’ll have no money to get them whitened.

Your hair and your clothes will all smell really bad, and because you have spent all your money, you won’t be able to buy aftershave or perfume to cover it!!!


The Facts

Smoking increases the risk of heart attack by 2 or 3 times

Smoking has been associated with impotence in men and decreased fertility in women

Smoking and drinking increase the risk of mouth and throat cancer- 35 times more likely for heavy smokers age 40+ who drink more than 4 drinks per day.


The Facts

Women who smoke and are on the contraceptive pill have 10 times more chance of a heart attack than those who don’t smoke.

Smoking is harmful to the skin, teeth, hair and nails and can ruin your youthful looks.

Teenagers smokers experience more asthma


Struggling To Stop?

  • Inhale less, take smaller draws
  • Take longer between cigarettes
  • List your reasons for stopping and try to keep them in your mind.
  • Quit with a friend or family member for support
  • Keep busy, find something else to do, avoid getting bored.

Struggling To Stop?

  • Cut out 1 cigarette per day
  • Delay having your first cigarette in the morning
  • Choose a quit date and work towards it by trying to reduce.
  • Chew sugar free gum or sweets, try to keep your mouth tasting nice and fresh.
  • Make an action plan, write down what goals you want to achieve.

Nicotine Replacement

Nicotine replacement products are most likely to help you if you are a smoker who is keen to stop.

The products work by giving a low blood nicotine level, either as a constant steady dose or an intermittent dose if wanted. They do not replace cigarettes because the nicotine is only equivalent to about a third of the amount found in cigarettes and the nicotine takes longer to reach the brain.

Nicotine replacement products will not stop you smoking, but it will help manage cravings, and double your chances of success.

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